Arizona CCW Permit

Expired AZ CCW permits

If you posses an AZ CCW permit that has expired more than 60 days ago, you must perform the same submission process that new applicants complete (including new fingerprints) with only two differences. (You must physically have the expired permit.)

(If your permit expired less than 60 days ago, quickly go to this link on the AZ DPS CCW website and apply for the renewal process before the 60 days are past. If you've never had AZ CCW permit, or you no longer have the old one, please return to the main CCW page here.)

The first difference is that you can use your old permit as the 'proof' of firearms safety competence. No need to sit in any classroom or shoot again.

At Deer Valley Firearms, the other difference is that the "Deer Valley Firearms CCW permit on-line Law and Application" process is only $9.95 vs. the regular $19.95 for all others.

If your old permit is expired, that means that the AZ Laws pertaining to firearms have changed significantly since you last applied and a little refresher on the AZ Laws is all you need.

To take advantage of the $9.95 price, use the button below and then send me a copy of your expired AZ CCW permit.

Once I receive a copy of your expired AZ CCW permit and match it to your payment, you will gain access to the same application process as those paying full price for this valuable service.

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