Deer Valley Firearms Front Sight VIP Training Adventures

One of the keys to being a responsibly armed individual is to have proper training in the use of your firearm.

The Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, NV is the nation's premier training operations center.

Whether you are a returning student to FrontSight, or this is your first time, VIP Private one-on-one training is the best and most efficient way to get to the level of Skill-at-Arms that you desire and need.

There are no prerequisites. You will be training one-on-one at your own pace.

You tell us the goals you want to accomplish during your private training, and your Range Master will make certain that you attain them.

You are welcome to train in any combination of handgun, shotgun, rifle, submachine gun, M-16, tactics, empty hand defense, edged weapons, and rope/rappelling.

There are no classroom lectures in these courses, only intensive range training and exercises. Plan on training from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

This is the same training that FrontSight offers to VIPs and celebrities on their website for $3000 per person, per day.

BUT, with Deer Valley Firearms, we will make it even better in 4 very significant ways.

1. Travel, we will pick you up at your home or place of business the night before anywhere here in the Metro Phoenix area. We will make all the ground and air transportation arrangements from Phoenix Skyharbor to Las Vegas McCarren and to FrontSight and back, ALL INCLUDED.

2. Your hotel the night before in Las Vegas, or Pahrump arrangements are all made for you, ALL INCLUDED.

3. Your meals, dinner the night before, breakfast at the hotel, lunch at FrontSight and dinner after class, ALL INCLUDED.

4. All the above plus instead of the $3000 that FrontSight charges this entire package for only $2500.

That's the same private one-on-one training that FrontSight offers for $3000, plus your hotel the night before, plus air travel Phoenix to Las Vegas, plus ground travel to and from your home or place of business to SkyHarbor and from McCarren to and from the hotel and FrontSight, plus all meals during the trip for only $2500. (If you are from outside the Metro Phoenix area, we can meet you either at Phoenix or Las Vegas airport, call to discuss arrangements)

In addition, you will be accompanied by an Ambassador of FrontSight for the entire trip and training to handle all your questions and anything else that may come up.

All you have to due is show up for the training and have a great time.

All your ammunition and gear is covered, or if you like you can bring your own.

All the ins and outs of travelling with a firearm is covered by your Ambassador which is also an Federal Firearms Licensee(FFL), so no awkward questions by airport personnel or law enforcement.

If you like, you can also bring up to 3 more individuals (for a total of 4) with even lower rates for the second, third and forth attendee(s).

Hotels fill up quickly so call early to get scheduled for a training adventure you will truly enjoy and learn at your own pace with private one-on-one training.

We need to schedule at least a month in advance, so Call or Email NOW email here or call 602.402.6157 to get the day or days that you desire for your VIP training.

Notes: Please bring any standard travel toiletries you may desire and any prescription medications you need for the day.
Front Sight has minimum age requirements for youth shooters.
Adult beverages not included and highly discouraged for firearm safety.
If you enjoy gambling, you'll need to bring your own funds for that; please gamble responsibly.


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Also, let me introduce to you a few of the Girls of Front Sight from the thousands of students we trained this week.
Here they are... Front Sight's Students of the Week and they want to share their stories with you.

Front Sight Student of the Week

Front Sight Student of the Week

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Note: Deer Valley Firearms representatives are not employed or contracted by Front Sight Training Institute