Deer Valley Firearms Front Sight Training Adventures

One of the keys to being a responsibly armed individual is to have proper training in the use of your firearm.

The Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, NV is the nation's premier training operations center.

While everyone would love to attend, many are slightly apprehensive of traveling to a unheard of town, to a facility they've never been to and not knowing what all to expect.

In holding the absolute highest membership level as a Front Sight 'Ambassador', that's where we come in.

We've been there, done that and have quite a few T-shirts and know all the deals.

Front Sight Training Adventures will not just give you the information or tell you how to get setup,

We Will Walk With You Every Step of the Way and even Attend the Classes with you.

From travel arrangements, ammunition needs, hotels, food, gun rental (if needed) and gun gear, we have the answers and will personally walk you through so that both your training experience and the weekend is focused on improving your skill at arms. (Not worrying about 'arrangements')

As an added bonus, anyone who takes a Deer Valley Firearms Front Sight Training Adventure will also get the AZ CCW Permit class for free.

All packages are customized for your desired needs.
We can go very simple and allow to you go on your own, or very complete and do absolutly everything for you


The "Go Your Own" Package

Discount Certificate for the class tuition
Guide and assist you with all the arrangements, what to bring, where to stay;
What type of gun, holster, magazines to bring or arrangments to rent one with all the gear from Front Sight

Total: $200 per person


The "Accompaniment" Package

Everything in the "Go Your Own" package PLUS

Full ground transporation
       Pick you up at Las Vegas or Phoenix Airport
       Full transportation to and from Front Sight Training Resort and Hotel each day
       Return you to the airport after last day.

PLUS being Accompanied by an Ambassador Member during your entire time at Front Sight.

Total: $500 per person based on four participants


The Defensive Handgun "Everything" Package

This package includes everything you will need to complete this exciting course:

Enrollment in the Front Sight 4 Day Defensive Handgun course
All tuition and security fees: PAID

New Springfield XD 4" service pistol in choice of 9MM, 40S&W or 45ACP
        Springfield XD 'gear' kit
                mag pouch
                2 magazines
                gun lock
2 more extra magazines (for a total of 4)
Corresponding caliber ammunition to complete the course: provided
Low profile Electronic hearing protection (batteries included)
Eye protection
"Instructor" belt
Klydex holster

4 Night Deluxe room accommodations in Pahrump NV hotel
All you can eat breakfast bar
Lunch meals
Full Dinner meals

Also provide is sunscreen and beverages during the day at the range.

Full ground transportation : provided
We'll pick you up from the Las Vegas or Phoenix airport (or anywhere metro Phoenix)

A very special bonus item is also included that will be revealed after the 2nd day of training.

All the provided items are your to keep.

It's all included so you can focus on becoming a responsibly armed citizen and not worry about any of the arrangement details.
The only thing you need to bring is yourself, comfortable clothing and a desire to engage in the best firearm training there is to offer.

Total $3900 per person based on 2 to 4 participants

Notes: Firearm will be shipped to the FFL of your choice after the course completion.
Please bring any standard travel toiletries you may desire and any prescription medications you need for the 5 days.
Front Sight has minimum age requirements for youth shooters.
Adult beverages not included and highly discouraged for firearm safety.
If you enjoy gambling, you'll need to bring your own funds for that; please gamble responsibly.

All the above packages are examples. You can chose one of them, or customize you own (customization is encouraged to meet your specific desires)

We have many options available starting at very reasonable amounts (which includes the Front Sight's class and security fees), so send us an email: and we'll get started.

Hotels fill up quickly,so get started early.


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Also, let me introduce to you a few of the Girls of Front Sight from the thousands of students we trained this week.
Here they are... Front Sight's Students of the Week and they want to share their stories with you.

Front Sight Student of the Week

Front Sight Student of the Week

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Note: Deer Valley Firearms representatives are not employed or contracted by Front Sight Training Institute