Front Sight 4 Day Defensive Handgun Training Certificate

This is an electronic certificate for a 4 day defensive handgun course.  It is good for new or returning students for midweek or weekend courses.

Front Sight offers many promotions and I very frequently have other certificates available including shotgun, rifle and private training classes.   Ask about availability.

How it works:  After you purchase, I send you a serial number for the certificate, you go to to set up an account, enter the certificate number and schedule the course when you want to go.  There is a $50 background check fee that Front Sight will charge at the time of registration. The background check is valid for the entire calendar year so if you decide to take more courses during the year the background check remains valid.

There is no other fee for the course.  You can provide your own handgun, holster, ammo, and lunch, or make arrangements to rent equipment and have lunch delivered to Front Sight.

Front Sight is a premier firearm training facility in Southern Nevada about a 20 minute drive from Pahrump NV or one hour from Las Vegas NV.

This class is excellent for beginners or more advanced students.  Anyone interested in owning or shooting firearms should have some professional training and this is a great opportunity.

For additional information you can go to for facility, and course descriptions.

You will understand the principles of tactics and have multiple opportunities to use your acquired skills under the stress of simulated, lethal encounters. This course is a must for anyone who chooses to own or carry a handgun for self defense.

4 Day Defensive Handgun Lecture Topics and Firing Range Drills:

Upon completion of this course you will have a fundamental understanding of the defensive use of the handgun. Among the many skills you acquire will be the ability to safely and easily draw your weapon from the holster and fire two, sighted shots to the center of a target 5 yards away all under 1.5 seconds! This course more than satisfies gun handling and marksmanship criteria for an AZ Concealed Weapons Permit.   

Days 3 and 4 include added emphasis on Concealed Carry; Tactical Training Simulation using Realistic Targets in Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios; and Target Engagement from Arms Length to 15 yards under Time Pressure. Course also includes Supplemental Lectures on Shotgun and Rifle topics with Single Elimination Shoot-off, and Distinguished Graduate Skills Evaluation.

Front Sight is a Top Notch Training Facility in their 18th Year of Business.  They train 1,000 students each week and are planning a major expansion that will make the Front Sight Resort an even better training facility.

Front Sight offers many promotions and I very frequently have other certificates available including shotgun, rifle and private training classes.   Ask about availability.

I personally hold a lifetime membership at Front Sight and have been to many courses. I also Own/Operate a Firearms Business in Phoenix, AZ and can say this is some of the best training available today. Many of my regular customers have also been to Front Sight on numerous occasions and all agree the training offered at Front Sight is some of the best training in the industry.

This the same class that is listed on Front Sight's website for $2000 (below image directly from

Certificate Price only:  $99.00

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