Firearms Transfers

NOTE: **** Deer Valley Firearms is unable to conduct transfers at this time. This is a temporary situation and we hope to get this cleared up soon. ****.

Most interstate transfers of firearms (across state lines) are required to be conducted through a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).

The process typically requires at least one ATF form to be completed in addition to a NICS background check ( the background check is not required for AZ CCW Permit holders)

Deer Valley Firearms uses the new ATF electronic form 4473 to make the process quicker and less error prone for a faster transfer process.

Hand guns or Long guns $25 for one;  $20 for AZ CCW Permit holders (since no background check is required)

Discounts available for Law Enforcement, FrontSight students and others (ask if your group is eligible)

Bring government issued picture ID (and CCW permit)

Please have the seller request a copy of my FFL License by mail below.

Please forward any shipping notification you receive from the seller to so I can track it too.

Delivery times vary greatly, I will call you once your item has arrived.

This does not include National Firearms Act (NFA) items (also known as Title II or incorrectly called Class III; which includes machine guns, suppressors (silencers), short barreled rifles and short barreled shotguns) as these have extensive additional requirements. We can do these, but the procedure is different depending on many factors. Please call or write (email) to get this process started.

Call or email for more information.


Phone: 602.402.6157